Recreational centre Jizerky

Recreational centre Jizerky

Type of object:Recreation centre
Above sea level:450 m.
Place:Bílý Potok
Address:RZ Jizerky, Bílý Potok čp.4, 463 62 pošta Hejnice
Phone:+420-603 346 507 (CZ, DE, EN, PL),602 648 532,777 648 532(CZ), 482 321 013
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Capacity:130 beds

Position and access:
Recreational cenre Jizerky is situated under the northern slopes of Jizera mountains, in pitoresque and quiet place on the edge of village Bílý Potok. It is well accessible by car, bus (500m) or train (1,5km).

Equipment and services:
We offer accommodation in 2 boarding houses and 14 cottages with total capacity of 130 places. The boarding houses has 17 rooms - 8x double rooms, 7x three-bed rooms and 2x four-bed rooms. Four-bed rooms and tree-bed rooms have own facilities (WC+shower), other rooms have facilities for two rooms together (3+2). The cottages for 5 people has 2 bedrooms (3+2) and one ... more >>

Recreation and services in surroundings:
Ideal location for active relaxation: tourism, cycling, mountain climbing, cross-country skiing. Cyclobus to Smědava (May-September on weekend, Summer Holidays every day). In summer bathing in near Hejnice, where are also bank office, chemist, doctor, dentist, veterinary, gas station, cinema or library with internet connection. Tips for trip at ... more >>

Franchisee: Petr Blažek Information are from: Petr Blažek

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